せめてもの可愛い挑戦として3 0 0 K mで走る新幹線から撮る事で一部の人には伝わるかもしれないというささやかな試みである。


所 幸則


Einstein romance

Thi s is my homage to Einstein, my superstar since childhood, and his Special Theory of Relativity.
Sadly enough, it ’s inconceivable to photograph something while traveling at the speed of light during my lifetime.
So I thought to photograph from the Shinkansen at a velocity of 300 kph as a small consolation, with the hope that some people might be able to share this humble experiment. And at the same time, this is my challenge to the questionable principle of “time” that I believe is a fabrication made only for the sake of human convenience.

Yukinori Tokoro